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Guest Speaker Webinars: Jo Pisani (PwC Strategy&)

Webinar 3 of the Guest Speaker Series, focuses on strategic consulting in health, pharma and life sciences sectors. Jo (pictured below) discussed her post (WBS) MBA career journey into strategic consulting, with valuable insights into the profession – such as:

  • Growth strategies
  • Investment in science and diagnostics
  • Driving AI agenda
  • M&As
  • Developing innovative partnerships

She also discusses how ‘MBA-thinking’ can be practically applied to the pharma and life sciences industry in coping with the impacts of current events, such as Brexit, COVID-19 and other political, economic, technological and social changes – sharing interesting frameworks used at Strategy& to analyse the market, customer needs and value creation. It was particularly interesting for me to understand the main ways that companies in this industry differentiate themselves:

  1. Breakthrough science developer
  2. Disease outcome innovator
  3. Commercial value optimiser
  4. Disciplines portfolio manager

Watch the 15-minute feature below for a nice taste of the webinar! 🔬 

Speaker Bio

Our guest speaker, Jo Pisani, has over 20 years of experience in the field of healthcare and life sciences consulting, including in her role as Partner at PwC Strategy&. Prior to that she spent over 10 years working in industry for companies like BP and GlaxoSmithKline as a Process Engineer. After her 30-year career in industry and consulting, she is now focused on supporting charities, universities and business start-ups, such as UK Dementia Research, Medcity, FindaCure and many more.

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