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Guest Speaker Webinars: Marina Antoniou (Citi Group)

With over 80 participants, I was very excited to kick off the ‘Guest Speaker Series’ initiative at Warwick Business School, with the help of marina antoniou (pictured below), and the WhatWeWantApp start-up.

In this 40 minute talk, Marina covered the 4 key areas of FinTech to watch out for:

  • Mixed Reality: Wearable and biologically embedded technology
  • Web 3.0: Internet of things and semantic web
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine learning, chatbots and rob advisors
  • Big Data: Sources and uses

And the WWW team shared their start-up journey, challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame and persevered. In particular, their fundraising efforts during COVID-19 to help the community –

A great start to the series! ✨ Below is a 10-minute feature of the webinar, available to view on YouTube.

Speaker Bio’s

Marina Antoniou, is a banking consultant with experience in auditing financial institutions globally. She has previously held the position of Senior Vice President & Head of Audit at Citi Group in London, as well as other European Citi Group locations. She is a University of Warwick alumni, having done a Masters in Finance and Economics, before getting her FCA Chartered Accountant qualification. She is a mentor at Warwick University and the Global Thinkers Forum, and has also studied FinTech at the University of Oxford Said Business School, during which she developed a FinTech innovation idea aiming at fundraising for people impacted by natural disasters. Her full profile can be found here:

Fintech start-up,  ‘WhatWeWant’ share some of the practical applications of FinTech (and a flavour of setting up a start-up). WWW’s business model is an app is based on crowdfunding gifts, either posting something you want funded or to set up a group gift for someone else. Given the current global situation, WWW have adapted their business model to develop an on-line platform and easy-to-use app for charitable crowdfunding, with a quick turnaround, giving them an advantage over the larger, less agile crowdfunding companies. Here is a bit more about them:

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