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Guest Speaker Webinars: Jessica Sue Rasmussen (Impact Investor)

The Guest Speaker Series is very excited to share with you an incredibly insightful webinar on investing with impact, with Jessica Sue Rasmussen, former Global Head of Macro Sales at BAML to talk about her latest venture Two Magnolias Ltd.

Two Magnolias Ltd. is an angel investment fund, founded by Sue and her business partner Marie Korde, that invests capital into next-gen companies focusing solely on Sustainability (the Planet) and Human Longevity (Wellness & Medical). They are passionate and committed to entrepreneurs who are invested in developing solutions for todays most pressing and complex problems. They are determined to help provide a platform for success that will secure a solid and reliable future for all, but particularly for Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha who are as yet unable to determine that future themselves. 

Sue has over 25 years of Global Markets experience, specializing early on in her career in Foreign Exchange. She began her career at RBS Markets, has worked at Lehman Brothers and spent 10 years at ANZ, where she was Head of FX Sales for Europe and Northern America and was a member of the Global Leadership Team. Sue has been based in London for the majority of her career but also worked in Singapore.

As Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London, having joined in 2009, Sue was a senior member of the Global Foreign Exchange management team with specific responsibility in Institutional sales. In early 2017 she was promoted to Head the FICC Macro business with oversight over the FX and Rates Hedge Fund sales team. As a senior sales leader with experience of growing and transforming teams, Sue was always passionate about ensuring that customer solutions and satisfaction are at the core of every decision.

A University of Warwick alum herself, with a BSc. (Hons) in Management Science, Sue is a frequent panellist at WBS finance events. We are excited to welcoming Sue back to WBS!

In this webinar, Sue will be discussing:

  • What an angel fund is, and her personal decisions involved in establishing one.
  • The areas of investment – sustainability & human longevity (and their importance post-COVID).
  • How an angel fund works – her current journey.

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