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Guest Speaker Webinars: Ruth Powell (Apple Inc.)

Ruth Powell, former Business Development Manager at Apple shares her insights on leadership and business transformation, paving her way in a male-dominated, high-tech environment. In this webinar, Ruth focuses on digital transformation in the future of work, with a balance of technological and emotional intelligence. She also discusses how this can be practically applied to various industries in coping with the impact of seminal moments of change like COVID-19.

Ruth Powell has over 30 years of experience in pioneering digital revolution, including her role as Marketing and Business Development Manager at Apple. Joining Apple in 1984, Ruth discusses her incredible journey under the leadership of Steve Jobs and working alongside Bill Gates (launching Microsoft Excel on the Apple Mac). She went through the ranks at Apple, securing a position as Sales Account Manager after delivering a mega-huge, global contract with BP that earned the business $9million per annum.

As an expert in corporate relationship engagement, digital marketing and revenue generation, Ruth now spends majority of her time consulting and coaching. A University of Warwick alum herself, Ruth is also a mentor and MBA advisor at Warwick Business School. She focuses imparting the importance of competency skills, over technical skills, like leadership, stakeholder management and communication, which she believes was the reason for her success at Apple.

Watch her full webinar feature below!

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