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Guest Speaker Webinars: Ambily Banerjee (GlaxoSmithKline Plc)

The Inclusive Leadership Series is pleased to welcome Ambily Banerjee, Director (Therapeutic Groups, Global Regulatory Affairs) at GSK, to talk about what it means to be an ethnic minority role model and a future leader. In this webinar, we have a discussion around:

  1. Ambily’s career journey and successes, working in the pharmaceutical industry, barriers faced as an ethnic minority, and advice on overcoming challenges
  2. Understanding what it means to be a ‘future leader’ and a 2020 EMpower Ethnic Minority “Role Model”
  3. Insights into EMBRACE, FUSION, Women Leadership Initiative and mentoring programmes, exploring what works well, sharing examples of success, and further areas of development.

Speaker Bio

After a Ph.D in Molecular Biology (Cancer research) Ambily worked as a post-doctoral scientist at Imperial College and UCL for 9 years. With a 12+ year career at GSK, Ambily is also happy to share her insights of working within the pharmaceutical industry, with her most recent role focused on leading Brexit for the UK within the Global Regulatory Affairs team.

Ambily was recently recognised for her inclusion in the 2020 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists. She is the co-Lead of EMBRACE at GSK, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) with a focus on ethnicity. She is also a mentor for the Women’s Leadership Initiative at GSK. She successfully bought together FUSION (an Asian ERG for which she was the UK Lead) with EMBRACE, thereby cultivating a cohesive voice on inclusion in the UK. She also works closely with secondary schools and Universities to empower BAME students. Making the most of her current platform and recognition, Ambily is passionate about acting as a true “Role Model” particularly for those young people from underprivileged and marginalised communities that may not have someone in their families that can provide mentorship.

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