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Going Online Mid MBA at Warwick Business School

2020 will be largely remembered for when ‘the world went online’. As the pandemic shook our day-to-day lives, we also saw a spectacular change take place in front of our eyes. From corporate, to public services, to education – working patterns, company culture, organisational strategies, and structural workflows – all shifted towards a new way of working.

As a result, Lloyd’s Digital 2020 Global Overview Report suggests that nearly 60 per cent of the world’s population is now online.

Our MBA course was no different.

All aspects of our MBA experience suddenly changed – and all those important skills, such as adaptability, creative thinking, perseverance and resilience were simultaneously put to the test. Each student adjusted to these changes in their own way, and I was honoured to share my experience with the Warwick Business School blog.

In the blog, I cover three key areas:

  • Teaching and Resources
  • Networking
  • Careers Support

Below, is a quick illustrative summary of the main themes covered in the blog. For the full article, click here!

Teaching and Resources

 “I commend WBS’ efforts towards ensuring continuity of education.”


“Beyond our routine learning, this has also felt like a great opportunity to try out new things.”

Careers Support

“My fabulous Careers Coach, Donna Walker, has some great advice about building resilience during my job search”

To me, those who have continued to thrive, are those who have not only embraced the change, but the opportunities to explore new avenues, as well supporting their organisations to successfully implement online working.

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